Sunday, 8 July 2012

Haul: Tubbilicious Tub Treats

As you may know I am a huge fan of bath products. So I was thrilled to find another way to treat myself with a company called Tubbilicious
Tubbilicious make ''spa quality tub treats'' with ''all natural and organic ingredients''.
This triggered an interest in me immediately. I have sensitive skin and I often react badly to products which arent all natural. I then clicked to browse the shop-oh dear god was that a treat. Just looking at the products made my mouth water and then the description of them.... Honestly upon showing this website to different people all of them had a remark of the fact that they look good enough to eat!
Here it is.

I have never bought anything of Etsy before and was a bit dubious. Im not one for buying things over £5 on ebay or Amazon even. However after much deliberation ( well not that much because the products are just so good ) I decided I wanted to get a few things. I contacted the seller and immediately my worries about buying the stuff online were put to rest. The seller Jacqueline is so friendly that I decided to place an order. 

Many of the products are made-to-order so you can have any scent you wish!
The packaging had flowers and hand drawn smiley faces on it :') It was such a nice touch!
Here's What I bought.

Heres a quick rundown of the products left to right:

Left picture:

(left to right)

-Hemp Bar:In the scent-Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Layers
-Hemp Bar: In the scent- Irish Tweed
-Mama Mia bubble bar (which is identical to the Ma Bar form lush)
-Soap Bar: In the scent-Coconut Cooler
-Headcase Bath bomb
-Candy Fluff,-Smooth N Creamy Bubble bar (which smells like sweets)
-Lavender Rose Bubble bar

Right Picture:
-Whipped Bath Butter:In the scent-Irish Tweed
-Bath Salts:In the Scent-Carmma Blend
-Solid Sugar Scrubs: Which smells like chocolate biscuits
The bottom line of this picture contains samples of the following products
-Whipped body butter-In the scent-LoCitane
-Monkey Pits-Milk and Honey 
-Instant pedicure- A lovely mint smell to keep the feet fresh.

I keep smelling each product over and over they are just so good.
Ill be reviewing and going into more depth of these products in the coming weeks.

What do you think?



  1. If you think what you've read here is amazing you should check out the website! I just want to buy everything off it. Its great knowing that everything you buy is natural and handmade :)


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