Sunday, 31 March 2013

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

Hey Guys!,

Yesterday, as part of their 'Easter Treats', Clarks were giving away a free pair of shoes to the first person to walk into their store and say:

"I'm here to claim my Easter Treats from Clarks. Have I won?"

I was incredibly lucky and at around 1pm, much to my surprise, no one in my Belfast store had claimed the prize. I was a winner!
Although I tried on a few things the most comfortable, most practical and as it turns out, one of the most expensive things for me to pick was these bad boys!

There were a few issues which took away from the experience. The manager tried to say I had said the phrase wrong, and made it awkward for me to claim my prize. I had to prove where I had got the phrase from (which is fair enough) but with no WIFI or 3G signal it was took a while for me to prove. I ended up sitting for a good half hour looking for a way to get the code before I even looked at anything (I didn’t want to get something and then have them take it away from me).  Though the other members of staff were very helpful the manager I dealt with was quite rude and made me feel like she wanted rid of me as soon as possible. I knew you could pick shoes OR a bag but the manager only ever offered me a pair of shoes.  The less rude manager tried to steer me towards a less expensive pair of shoes but fortunately I could see what they were up to and I was having none of it.

Overall though I am absolutely ecstatic, I never win anything and this was very lucky. They are an expensive pair of shoes (£99.99) and because they are form Clarks, I know they are amazing quality.  Depending on the changeable British weather I may need them even in the Summer. Thank you Clarks, I really appreciate these.


Monday, 25 March 2013

Life and GHDs

So...I've been M.I.A really since I started Uni. I have been really busy from one thing and another and I really do want to get into a good work routine. Anywho, back to blogging I go!

After a year of not straightening-at all, I finally splurged and got me some GHDs!
I went for the wide plate because my hair is quite long. I have had the 'normal' size plate before and, to be quite honest, I'm not sure if there is much of a difference between the two. 

I highly recommend the site I got them from : 

I got them for just £90. Considering this price is lower than that of the old collection on many sites this was an absolute bargain! Also this site allows you to collect points for every purchase, much like Boots or Superdrug, which is a nice bonus!

They came with this designer case (free), which is nice to store them in, as well as a Sally Hansen nail polish (also free). Not saying I love the colour but with a light enough coat they show up clear on the nails, so it is somewhat useful.