Sunday, 31 March 2013

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

Hey Guys!,

Yesterday, as part of their 'Easter Treats', Clarks were giving away a free pair of shoes to the first person to walk into their store and say:

"I'm here to claim my Easter Treats from Clarks. Have I won?"

I was incredibly lucky and at around 1pm, much to my surprise, no one in my Belfast store had claimed the prize. I was a winner!
Although I tried on a few things the most comfortable, most practical and as it turns out, one of the most expensive things for me to pick was these bad boys!

There were a few issues which took away from the experience. The manager tried to say I had said the phrase wrong, and made it awkward for me to claim my prize. I had to prove where I had got the phrase from (which is fair enough) but with no WIFI or 3G signal it was took a while for me to prove. I ended up sitting for a good half hour looking for a way to get the code before I even looked at anything (I didn’t want to get something and then have them take it away from me).  Though the other members of staff were very helpful the manager I dealt with was quite rude and made me feel like she wanted rid of me as soon as possible. I knew you could pick shoes OR a bag but the manager only ever offered me a pair of shoes.  The less rude manager tried to steer me towards a less expensive pair of shoes but fortunately I could see what they were up to and I was having none of it.

Overall though I am absolutely ecstatic, I never win anything and this was very lucky. They are an expensive pair of shoes (£99.99) and because they are form Clarks, I know they are amazing quality.  Depending on the changeable British weather I may need them even in the Summer. Thank you Clarks, I really appreciate these.



  1. Wow a free pair of boots!!!
    I hate a rude customer service experience but glad you ended up with a pair of good quality boots though :)
    True, British weather is terrible especially at the moment.. it's meant to be spring but it's freezing cold and windy still! Keep warm! x

    1. We had snow only a week ago. Its crazy. Cant stand cold feet so I'll be a happy bunny with these :D xx


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