Sunday, 10 June 2012

Keeping Yourself Gorgeous This Summer

We all know its that time of year for the next few months or days (weather permitting) Summer clothes will be on, the hair removal kit will be out and we'll have to switch up our beauty routine for the summer. Switching up the beauty routine is something I tend to forget. How can you blame me? Our British weather is so unpredictable that many of us at the first sign of sun barely remember to dash the sunscreen on before we take a day trip to the beach. Here are a few simple things we need to remember before its too late and the damage is done.

Make sure that your Sunscreen is in date!

Many of us are optimistic during the summer and stock up on the SPF early. However once again the British weather takes what it has given and returns us to dullness all over again- after what feels like 10 minutes of summer. The sunscreen is set in that cupboard we have for other things we rarely use for another year. Its so easy to forget that sunscreen only works when its in date and we rarely check that best before on creams-unless they're organic or from lush. 

Think About Premature Aging 

Bring your sunscreen with you! Its no use just applying it once before you go out you need to keep applying it in order to get the full effect of the protection.
Get sunglasses with UV protection! The eyes are the area which age you the most, and with all the abuse they get anyway with late nights etc lets give them the TLC they need on those hot days

Switch-Up Your Hair Care Routine

If your lucky enough to be swimming in the sea don't forget the salt in the water will dry your hair right up. Even though the salt does increase the volume of your hair and helps to achieve those beach waves your scalp certainly wont thank you. The heat of the sun combined with greasier hair (leading to an increase of washes) leaves many with a dry scalp and even drier ends. Many of us need to up the ante. I recommend a hair mask every now and then. You can also do things such as leaving your conditioner in over-night or at least longer than usual

Change Your Skincare Routine

The warmer weather has the ability to produce more breakouts or even dry the skin out. If your like me both can happen at once! Changing the cleanser to combat the increased excess oil while at the same time leaving the skin softer is a must.

Don't Forget SPF On Your Lips

SPF protection on the lips is essential-don't just apply regular lip gloss and hope for the best
What do you do to keep yourself gorgeous in the Summer? How drastic is your change in routine?




  1. Great tips :) I should be better at using SPF, but it's hard to combine with using mainly natural products.. xx

  2. I know what you mean. I havent found a single product out there that has SPF. Lush say they just cant get the formula right for the standards required. When I put it on my skin and think of the chemicals...
    Im just worried about sunspots/cancer/premature aging so I end up putting it on anyway. I'd definitely use it more if there was a natural alternative :)


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