Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sexy, sophisticated, smoldering eyes-for all eye types.

So you want your eyes to stand out, to smolder, to get that sexy look that has a come hither-esque attached to it but also a sophisticated one or...you just want to look damn pretty because your having a bad day. Well every eye colour is different and needs different make up applied to it for it to stand out. Here are my ideas.

We'll start with the most common eye colour in the world-Brown

-Orange around the outer crease
-Light brown on the crease
-Medium brown within the lid area blended into the light brown of the crease
- Winged eyeliner
-Light brown eye shadow dashed onto the lower lid like you would apply eye liner
This look doesn't so to speak 'drown' the brown of the eye into blackness. The light brown eye shadows complement the pigments within the brown eye nicely to give you a sexy look that is sure to go with any outfit.

Next up- Grey

-Medium brown on the crease
-Dark grey eye shadow on the lid blended into the brown eyeshadow of the crease. 
-Eyeliner on the upper lid
-Dark grey eye shadow on the lower lid
This look, the maybe a little more risque for the more shy individual really makes those grey eyes pop! The grey eye really benefits from the darkness around the eye giving a sexy nighttime look.

Now we have-Green

 -Light brown on the crease
-Medium grey on the lid
-Medium grey on the lower lid 
-Light brown after the medium grey on the lower lid
The grey and brown complement the pigments of the green eye for a smoldering sexy look. If he can resist you hes simply not human.

And now.....Amber

-Light brown on the crease
-Medium brown on  the lid
-Medium brown framing the outer corner of the eye
-Gold on the inner corner of the eye blending to the lid and lower eye.
-The gold in the corner really adds to the definition of the eye by highlighting the warm tones within the Amber.Upon researching for this blog I found few examples on the world wide web of amber eye make up. Hope this helps you smolder you unique thing!


-Dark grey on the crease
-Medium to light grey on the lid
-Outer corner of lower eye medium to light grey leading on to light grey towards the corner
-Inner corner silver grey
The silver on the inner corner of the eye, much like for the gold of the amber eye, adds to the definiton of the blue eye by highlighting the cold tones within the blue eye.

-And Finally-Hazel

-Orange on the area above the crease followed by gold on top. Blend
-Dark brown on the grease of the eye
-Medium Brown all over the lid
-Dark grey on the middle on the lid blended with the medium brown
-Outer corner of the eye lined with medium brown fading into silver
-Inner corner light silver
This is the look with the most colours in it. It incorporates browns and silvers due to the complexity of the pigment in the hazel eye. This is a picture of my eyes which are in this picture more of a green but they often change colour-from a green to a brown-depending on my mood/lighting as hazel eyes are known to do. This mixture of colours assures you the eyes will pop all night long no matter what colour they decided to change to. I know the photo doesn't do this look justice, but I can honestly say I tried it on my hazel eyes and noticed a difference.

Any questions? Just pop them below :)

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  1. Will definitely be trying this out for my brown eyes on my next night out! :D



    1. Awk thank you! Your eyes will look gorgeous! :)
      Dont forget to follow so you can see my other posts the Schedule starts on Sunday :)


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