Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review: Lush- Angels on Bare Skin

Price- £5.95/100g

Angels on Bare Skin is my favourite facial cleanser of the moment. The luscious scent of lavender fills me with the knowledge that my skin will get a scrub with enough strength to clear the dirt of my skin whilst leaving it with that fresh from a facial moisture.

(taken from the Lush website)

The product is a light, moss-green, solid paste with bits of lavender and almond in it. Basically you get a chunk of get in your hand (for me the optimum amount is a piece the size of a jelly bean) put a tiny bit of water into the hand and mix it. The paste will then turn to a milky liquid with bits in it. Lush say on their website the lack of water means there is no need to add preservatives and to be honest this means there's more product for the money your spending.

The almond milk in the product is as a toning and brightening ingredient. Kaolin has been added to absorb grease and cleanse gently. The other ingredients which a mixture of essential oils are are added to balance and tone the skin. The label of Angels on Bare Skin tells the user it evens out skin tone and reduces redness.

As an individual with very sensitive skin the fragrance- which is strong worried me a little. However I can tell all you sensitives that I, personally didn't react to this product. No stinging, burning or redness was created on my face once it was rubbed in-or in fact 48 hours after i used it. This must be due to the fact that all ingredients are 100% natural. I feel as well that my skin seems brighter,clearer and has slightly reduced my redness (though I may see even more of a difference over time)

I can however say that this cleanser is not very effective when it comes to taking off make up. I found that after cleansing and wiping with my wash cloth I could see that there was still foundation on my face and so I had to use another product to remove my make up.

Overall I feel that this product is perfect for combination skin, the little bits of almond scrub the dirt off nicely and the Kaolin in the paste does its job by effectively lifting the oil. Once I've washed the paste off my skin my skin feels clean and lightly moisturized, not oily unlike many of the cleansers I've used before. I love this cleanser because its nice and easy on the skin and not so heavy duty it strips my skin of moisture/leaves it feeling like I just put grease on my face.

What did you think of Angels on Bare Skin? 


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