Saturday, 25 August 2012

How I Solved My Skincare Problems

Due to a prolonged stressful period of my life this year-I'm sure everyone has these times-my face started breaking out. Badly. Infact I had never had as much problem with my face as I have had this year. I have combination skin so I am used to having oily parts as well as dry parts but this was mad. I would have ferocious spots all over my face but also have extreme dry skin at the same time. In working out why it was doing this I was also reading about the no 'poo revolution' - here is a link to explain. It basically suggests that our modern hair is so greasy because we strip our hair of natural oils so the hair over produces oils in order to put the oils back in to the hair. So I thought that maybe I was having break outs which were progressively getting worse and worse was because I was using harsh oil stripping products too often I needed a drastic change in my routine. Here is what I came up with.

Step 1: Cleanse
I use this Simple Cleanser in order to remove dirt excess oil and any residue after make up. Works a treat. If I have primer on and heavy foundation I will check to see if the dirt has removed with a wash cloth if not I lather rinse and repeat. The important thing here is to use hot water to open pores and make sure they are getting oil removed. I really spend time making sure you have covered problem eg I spend extra time on my nose-don't want those black heads creeping up on me!

Step 2: Tone
This is the strange bit. I use peppermint tea/pepperint green tea. I have several reasons for this. Which I will outline below just so you know I'm not a crazy woman.
-Its all natural and I know exactly what the ingredients are.
-Peppermint and Green Tea have amazing antioxidants and other things inside them that are brilliant for our bodies inside and out, they are also anti-inflammatory .
-Its way cheaper than buying a toner from the shop. It works out at just over 9p per bag for Twinings. I can get at least 2 weeks worth out of one tea bag using it twice a day (or more) and using a generous amount of spray.
-I use the peppermint and green tea bags as an alternative to tea at times as well as a key ingredient in home made face masks so I personally always have it lying around.
-Also using a spray bottle and re-using it over and over id good for the environment. I also think the spray is more hygienic and again better for the environment because I'm not using a cotton pad to rub it all over my face.
The toning process (if that's the right word to call this process) is for the purpose and closing my pores, thus less dirt can get in them.

Step 3: Moisturise 
This step is to ensure that my skin is hydrated enough that it wont start to over produce oils and make me break out. Depending on the weather/condition of my skin I switch between the Simple Light m=Moisturiser and the Simple Rich Moisturiser.

Since I started using this routine I can honestly say my skin has been the best it has ever been in my life. Not only are there no spots but I dont have any dry patches on my skin anymore. Its soft, looks better and I even find myself going without foundation because its so clear and the tone is so even.  This routine has changed my life.
I use simple products on my face, in general. I love them. They don't irritate my sensitive skin at all and I know they are gentle but do the job they are supposed to do at the same time. The only moisturiser I use on my face is Simple brand. I have tried other moisturisers but have always found problems with them-not with Simple though!
Try this routine for one week, let me know how it goes.I think it could even work for oily/dryer skin as long as you change the moisturiser to suit your needs.

What is your favourite brand for face skincare?


  1. I love green tea! Its such a light and refreshing drink :) it never occurred to me to use it as a toner though! :o

    I'm so jealous of your skin :( mines gone off on one yet again so I may have to dig those twinings out! :)

    X x x

    1. I'm so surprised this actually worked! xxx

  2. I've always come back to simple moisturisers! I can swap and change everything else but my skin really dosent like when I differ from them, though i can swap and change withing the range depending on what my skin is doing at the time!

    1. I'm in the exact same situation. I don't mind though because Simple Skin really is good value for money!

  3. I love the Simple line! I love that they are great for people with sensitive skin. I have to be very careful what I put on my face.

    Southern Glamourista


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