Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Poundworld Find: Sally Hansen-Hard as Nails with Review

I was browsing the beauty isle of poundworld. Something I love to do. You never know what bargain you may pick up-their stock is ever changing and varies from store to store so this is just a wee habit I've got myself into. Look what I found!

I don't have the strongest of nails. In fact the nails I have right now are the longest they have ever been (thanks to taking vitamin supplements for a long period of time) They are however still brittle and chip and peel a little which is a pain but hopefully I'll get them under control someday. I really need a polish to keep them strong and nail strengthening polishes can range from anywhere between 4-8 quid. A price I would rather pay for an Essie,OPI or Nails Inc polish. I really thought I hit the jackpot when I only paid a pound for a brand as established as Sally Hansen. Unfortunately £1 was a fair price for this polish.

The polish is quick drying. Extremely quick drying in fact so if I'm in a rush I wack this stuff on and I know that it will be dry within 45 seconds if I apply a thin enough layer and I only need one layer for the pinky ( I really do not know how to describe this colour) polish for it to look good. The white polish is only meant to be a tip but it needs 2-3 coats for that (it says so on the bottle) which is fair enough.

The polish I am most disappointed in is the Pinky one. The label says that it is ''advanced'' and in Spanish it states that it has ''nailon y retinol'' which I guessed form my years of learning Spanish many moons ago it had Nylon and Retinol- I know,genuis right? So I had high hopes for this polish. It does to be fair make my nails stronger feeling than a normal polish. What it doesn't have is wear resistance. I put this polish on, made dinner and within half an hour of making my meal I noticed that on the tops of my nails the polish had become removed. See?

I personally dont mind if nail polish gets chipped in the middle of the nail or even at the bottom, near the cuticle, but at the top? Aw hell naw. The top is the bit I need the most protection!

What bargains have you found in your local pound shop?
What do you think of this polish?


  1. Such a shame that this was disappointing polish as the colour is pretty! x


Thanks you for your comment. It makes my day :)