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Tips for going No Poo

I've been thinking of going No Poo for a while now. Every article I have read (when the writer has successfully completed the transaction from shampoo to no shampoo) has been positive. Every single one has mentioned that they have never had better hair, the best hair they have ever had. When you really think about it the idea behind No Poo makes sense. As the daughter of a hairdresser I myself know that over-washing and washing everyday has consequences. Shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils and letting your hair go greasy from time to time is actually good for the hair. Modern shampoos weren't even invented until the 30s the first being Drene.

 I know from anecdotal evidence that my own greatgrandmother didnt have a grey hair untill she was in her 60s (a record by today's standard) She didn't use Shampoo as such but soap which didn't contain all the nasty Sulphates that modern Shampoo does. Its not because my great grandmother didn't have a hard life either. Northern Ireland in this era was a hard place to live for may reasons-Ill not get in to this for fear of boring you all.

I've been reading around to see what I can actually buy instead of modern Shampoo to clean my hair because of course hair does get dirt in it here is a list of a few No Poo ways I have found.
The common consensus is to use Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar. However there are problems with this. Baking Soda is quite harsh on the hair and may not be suitable for those who colour their hair. Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a conditioner and can be used with other oils such as Rosemary Oil or Tea Tree oil
Another idea is to just use conditioning oils such as Coconut Oil.
A third idea is to use a soap such as African Black Soap in order to clean the hair or even a soap bar from Chagrin Valley
The third one I have come across is washing hair just with water and then stroking hair with a wash cloth in order to move the oils down the hair.

These are just a few No Poo ways I have found in my search to find something I think will work for me.
Here are some links which I got information from and may give you a better idea of what to expect and help you find something that will work for you.

-gernert09 has been no poo for over a year now and has many tips about going no poo.

-an article

Click-Using Baking Soda and Apple Vinegar

Here is one of my lovely followers whose post I also read on my No Shampoo research Here

The thing about going No Poo is-its a commitment, your hair will be greasy and the transition may not be as easy as you expected but it will pass. There is a transition period because your hair is so used to having to produce extra oil it wont know whats hit it but its sure to thank you for it!

Have you ever thought about going No Poo?
What are your tips?
Hope this helps someone!



  1. ive gone no poo, but since I have curls they need special care, I jsut use a cleansing condtioner, you massage the scalp. It works great & you can find a great cleanisng condtioner without all the harsh stuff. keep on your reserch & feel free to check out my blog go to " curly haircare" to see more posts

    1. I remember reading your article and added it to my post :)

  2. Great post! Really informative :) thanks Hun xx

    1. Comments like this make it all worth it! xx

  3. Hey this is such an interesting post!
    I went 6 months without washing my hair AT ALL when I was younger because after 6 months the natural oils of your hair restore and it kinda starts to clean itself. The one problem I had with that was during that 6 months I had to put up with it being greasy and quite smelly - so I wouldn't recommend it! :P
    There are a few natural 'no sulphate' and 'no soap' shampoos from places such as Lush and Body Shop - I recommend the Body Shop one :)
    Love your blog lovely, really well written and you obviously know your stuff! :)

    Jennifer xo

    1. Thank you :)
      Nothing at all? You just rinsed it with water? Did you use the method of stroking the hair with a wash cloth or no?
      I've been looking at Lush and I can't find one single one that doesn't contain some sort of sulphate :/
      The body shop looks good though! I might try using it for a while to help my hair ease into a no sulphate transition.
      Thank you so much. Made my day :) xx

  4. Visiting from #SITSSharefest

    I didn't know there were so many ways to go NO Poo. I thought it was using the DEVACURL products ...
    I know that the beauty guru I follow uses baking soda on her hair. And she uses jojoba oil, olive oil and almond oil on her hair to moisturize. This is great information. I will be bookmarking this page for my start of NO POO.

    Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway so go now to be entered t win.


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