Saturday, 1 September 2012

August Favourites

Hey guys :) Its August Favourite time here at Ms Beaujoli. Here are a few things I have been enjoying this month.


[Could not obtain picture in time for this post]
This is one a my most favourite blogs. Written by Danniella Josephine, called Beauty In Japan - its a hub of informative and witty posts. Take a look? 

Book- The Fault In Our Stars

Plot Summary: Here
I've only started this book really and I'm pretty sporadic with my reading habits having several on the go. In saying that I can note that I was really impressed with how John Green had really portrayed the girl who is Hazel Grace. It was like an actual girl of her age and circumstance wrote it. His ability to write as a female even rivals some female authors who portray girls in a similar stereotypical way.


This T-Shirt is from QWERTEE a brilliant limited time, unique design Tee shop. I love this number, its filled with the best IT Crowd quotes and fits nicely on. The quality of the T-Shirts is great. My BF has had some from this site for a good year and the designs still haven't faded.

Food/Drink- Options Hot Chocolate

I've really tried to cut down on junk food this month and this stuff has really helped.

Its around 40 Calories per cup. A cup which lasts even longer than a chocolate bar which has upwards of 150 calories. I'm able to get a chocolate fix with this. On the downside though it is rather expensive a tub that size costing 3.19 in Sainsburys. Still its cheaper than 5/6 chocolate bars and better for me too.

Make Up- MUA Lipstick, Shade: Nectar

I've already mentioned this little beauty in my Obsession Confession/Product Rave post: Here
I still really love it and its a nice day to day colour. 

Music- Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men-Little Talks:Video
Great tune.

Movie- Albert Nobbs

I do love an independent movie and although this film hasn't had amazing reviews-I love it. It doesnt have the typical Hollywood formula which is why I like it even more. There is not necessarily a happy ending to this film but that makes it more life-like and enjoyable to watch. Its not predictable and boring. Reviews criticizing the Glenn Close acting don't seem to understand the essence of the character or the movie-in my opinion.

TV Series- Dog the Bounty Hunter

I have been totally obsessed with this since show. I love the realness of the people, how they give the criminals grief, then talk to them nicely and try and lend a helping hand. I love Beth and Dog...hell I love all of them. Its a shame this show has been cancelled.

What are your August favourites? 


  1. Omg love the mua lipstick!!! And just watched Albert Nobbs and loved that too!! Great post lovely!!

  2. I love Dog The Bounty Hunter! Dog and Beth are definitely as real as it gets. He has such a heart, and it shows. It's just a shame that there's so much family drama there. :( And, the book; I'm interested to see how it goes. Do update!

    Steph xx

    1. Yeah :/ hopefully they'll sort it out some day. Will do :) xx


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