Saturday, 29 September 2012

Skin Truth: Review and Product Rave

This wonderful gift was given to me by a very dear friend.
Its a wonderful salon quality set of skin products. here they are

''The Skintruth vision aims to fuse beauty into well-being, satisfying both physically and emotionally. Skintruth is a professional skin care range which unifies naturally derived and scientifically advanced ingredients to optimise skin care, taking it to new levels''
I have been using these products for a good amount of time now and I can assure you these products are of the highest quality. I did write a post on How I Solved My Skincare Problems  and I still feel as good about that routine today as when I posted it- I still like to change it up a bit when it comes to my routine. I use these products more as a 'pick me up' as an alternative to a facial.

The person that bought it for me really does know me. Each one of these products have camomile and lavender to sooth the skin. The toner contains no alcohol so it doesn't irritate the skin. In fact none of the products irritate my skin. I love that the FACE mask has little granules in it so gently ex foliate your skin whilst you apply the product. I have even noticed a reduction in my skin redness after I use the product.
I often use these products if I have an important event coming up-they really make my skin so much better!



  1. Very nice! I'm glad you like them :D

  2. These sound interesting! Haven't heard of the brand before, will check them out :) xx

  3. Hi Kate! I have just sent you a long overdue e-mail :) xoxo
    love your blog by the way! xo

  4. Such a lovely gift!
    Great blog, I am now following!
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of Forever.

    1. That is so kind of you. I'll be checking you out now :)


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