Monday, 1 April 2013

10 Boring Grown-Up Things I Get Excited About

1. Washing my clothes with new washing powder and smelling them when they are dried. 
2. Having all my dishes clean and organised all at once.
3. A tidy and organised room and en suite.
4. A freshly vacuumed  floor. 
5. The satisfying feeling after spring cleaning. 
6. Going to the gym, then showering and eating a healthy meal. 
7. Writing down things in my Filofax. 
8. Eating a salad really enjoying it.
9. 3 ply toilet paper. 
10. Fresh bed sheets.

Does anyone else get excited about little things such as these?



  1. I get excited by most of these things too, esp the satisfaction of cleaning and new bed sheets, mmmmmm

    Kylie x

  2. Yes! new bed sheets definitely and sleeping on the cold side of the pillow :)



    1. Sleeping on the cold side of the pillow! Forgot to add that one!


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